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Monday, May 21, 2007

ce-i place...mie:)

1.candy likes Remember how The Bride escapes the coffin in Kill Bill (what?)
2.candy likes What would have happened if it had been Def Leppard's bassist (ehe,cate nu s-ar fi intamplat)
3.candy-like flavor of the strawberry (asta e p bune)
4.Candy likes to tell a story (depinde d story)
5.The carbonation adds to the sweet and sour almost candy-like (not in a bad way) flavor (: nu gasesc 10;mai mult k sigur)
6.My Monkey Likes Candy T-Shirt (asta e bonus)
7.Killer Likes Candy by I Am Ghost ( cred)
8.Nobody likes wet candy (...dak killleru d mai sus ma placea...)
9. candy stores a kid likes to visit. (era o fraza lunga...deci reformulam..candy likes to visit stores)
10.candy like sweet cotton candy(a se citi `candy like candy)
si asta e tot ce-am gasit in afara d siteurile porno.
dau leapsa mai departe dak n-au primit-o deja lui gogu kaizer ,ariel si visurat

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Vlad said...

cica gk s-a lasat :-S